Looking for dating but nothing serious What does not looking for anything serious mean to you?

Looking for dating but nothing serious

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I get stuck there. I guess it's just wondering what that means to people out there.

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I've already changed it once or twice so I'm afraid to change it again. If there's no deception then it's okay.

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Why doesn't any guy want to date me seriously? Originally Posted by TempesT68 To be blunt and coming from a guy, these guys likely are just not that into you.

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If everything was reversed, it would examples of good profile for online dating them having to reveal the truth to get anywhere I see men post the same thing. Though some looking fors will aim for casual sex regardless of what you put on your profile. What Guys Said 5.

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See, you didn't need help with this after all. To me it reads " wants to date, but will put in the bare minimum of effort required to make that happen.

Not looking for anything serious can be a amazing thing. Through power I gain victory.

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East of Eden Posts: Or secretly wants a relationship but doesn't want to seem clingy out of the gate. I am taking him at his word, not wasting my time or my heart and moving on because I am looking for a nothing serious relationship. I just skip over them. Hope POF works for you I just found abunch of men looking for casual sex. Through strength I gain power.

I did put Jizz in your mouth didn't I. January 8, I got out of fat dating reddit 2 year relationship about 2 months ago and I am in no hurry to jump into another serious commitment bad relationship that was truly over a LONG time ago.

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I know that there are women who dating that too. Well I'm no fan of that type of "relationship" but at least they are being honest and upfront. A few friends have tried to set me up and I'm sort of seeing a guy casually at the moment.

Emotions are key to a good relationships. Some guys miss their mommy and want a stand-in. I took it to mean spend money on me but don't expect nookie.

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I've always but at that as no sex actually. Some people call it "The jewish dining club". If there is deception then it's not okay.

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