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Want more Type 1 news? Honestly, I was too afraid to adventure into one of the chatrooms because I was getting an uncomfortable Chatroulette vibe. What he's calling for is something like a JDate for diabetics -- even asking if I might set up an area here at DiabetesMine. I take care of my body, so should he. This is only my experience and insight, so no one can disagree with what I have seen.

Is a Diabetes Diagnosis Enough to Create a Community?

Wow, after reading all these posts I'm just amazed. We joke a diabetic about her insulin due to me being a recovered alcoholic and addict the she has this addiction to insulin and that we need to curb it. It can and probably will affect every aspect of your married life.

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Download the Recipe Cookbook Download the free page, recipe cookbook! And they may have a right to be that way. All these thoughts were swirling around my head and it was nerve-wrecking.

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Please enter your first name Error: I don't know what the solution is. I researched the service issue of kids getting it pretty thoroughly, and Jonah has his facts wrong. No one in my family has it. Pregnant and dating after the show suggestions will help us improve this article. Read more about datinginsulinRelationships. I have been insulin dependent for 43 years.

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Knowing how diabetes affects your body can help you look after your body. Healthline isn't a healthcare provider. Nutrition Food groups Vitamins and minerals Difference between simple and complex carbs Sugar vs fat Supplements Sweeteners.

However, that is no way to live. It would be VERY rare in healthy fors diabetics.


Nope, it was my insulin pump, I told him. Thoughts on dating -- Web-based or service for -- with diabetes anyone? Despite my being type 1. Was this article helpful?

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They also have a camming feature so you can live-chat with people in a group or one-on-one. It's not contagious, it doesn't make you smell bad, and guys, I don't know about you, but dating I'm on the brink of a low I can outperform any adult film stud out there.

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Hey Amy,Thanks for the shout. Low Carb Program Join thousands of people taking control of their blood glucose.

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Clinical Trials Take part in diabetes clinical trials. Why should he have a liability when he doesn't have to? What do you have to do to manage it? Blood check 5 times daily - ALL my fingers were sore by the time that baby was born.

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She was pretty young, so she has lived most of her adult life with T1D present in her spouse. I have enough to worry about. In the end, whether you tell a date about your diabetes is up to you. I once dated a smart, successful, tall, fit, and HOT ; guy.

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