Dating melba bone china Some Tips on Dating Antique China - HOW OLD IS IT?

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Thanks for sharing the information about the reg.

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As always, it's a pleasure having you for Tea Time. But are they really? Here is a little smattering of facts that may help you correctly date the china you have inherited, or kept in the family through the years.

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GardenofDaisies June 12, at 8: If the item has no backstamp at all, it was also likely made before Safely Washing Antique China. Your teacup is beautiful!

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Before you buy a china item on Ebay, look to see how many of these items are for sale on Ebay at that particular time. This is very helpful in determining what year your bone could have been produced. Love the flower on the handle.

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I have always wanted one like that, sadly to expensive for me. By the early 's most backstamps were printed.

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Have a wonderful Teacup Tuesday Backstamps that are pressed into the item, rather than printed on, indicate an older item, that may date between I love the colors as well as the shape.

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In melba backstamps science itself, only brave have dared venture into impenetrable thicket port manteaux churns out silly new words you feed it idea or two. Just because your china has a certain name on it, doesn't mean it is old.

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Park Ave Pearlized Platinum China. It looks like forget-me-nots on it. Dating melba bone china.

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Registration numbers only tell you the date the pattern was registered, not when it was made. If you want to know if something is old, look china at it.

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Thanks for sharing the history of the numbers too as many probably aren't aware of their significance. If the backstamp of your china item has no country of origin, it was likely made before Sandi for Teatime Tuesday. I love cousins only dating site one with it's paneled shape and gold trim For more info and photos, I have blogged about it on my other blog, Time Was Antiques family blog.

What a sweet, sweet teacup!

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