Aquarius man dating pisces woman Aquarius Man And Pisces Woman

Aquarius man dating pisces woman, the pisces woman

Aquarius Man - Pisces Woman Love Compatibility

When I tell him I love him, I tell him that I know he loves me too but is to chicken to admit it. Aquarius are deeply afraid of change even if it is a good change.

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We took a walk one friday and had a talk. He's a great provider, protector, but I recently had a gut feeling something was off - so I snuck into his cell phone text messages and found that he was sexting a woman from his hometown.

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We have lived together for over three years in an odd situation. Says he just got caught up with his side work He has taken some stuff from my house but left some stuff im now in pieces will he come back So I snooped around and found out that he was talking to many girls. I do really love him, but I don't want to say it to him, since I don't want him to fly away!!! Honestly as soon as we got back to the house Aquarius 1 got a text from me and was down with a truck and trailer to get me and all my stuff and bring me home: I was so worried and he was aloof at first but I explained to him how he made me feel, then he apologized and was great from that point on.

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She has an innocence about the world and hope for a future full of wonders. When I asked him to stop, he decided to move on. I said Omg I was thinking that exact same thing but I didn't know how to put it out there.

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There by forgetting his needs, and pushing my agenda first aquarius man dating pisces woman of the time. The distance is echoing… I was dying to answer my phone.

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I've never felt this way about any man, i've dated a Scorpio before him, but my Scorpio ex was always emotionally blackmailing me, and we always fought.

He always always always gives me compliments. We touch each other occasionally arms, backs, and hands But through the years I've terra dating site a lot about myself from the men Ive dated, and I've learnt a lot about them too. Your email address will not be published.

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After reading this blog, I believe he is afraid on how he feels towards me. A child decides to be born with two parents loving It not one sticking around to say look you managed to tie me down bitch Im doing my sense of duty. I am a Pisces woman dating an Aquarius man as well.

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Well Im a Pisces female who went out with an Aquarius male. Last week I told him I needed a break because I couldn't take him being distant it was just too painful, he tried so hard to change my mind but I didn't and a day aquarius man dating pisces woman that he starts texting me and we go back to normal like nothing happened he even asked me to get back together and I agreed.

He really intrigues me and the chemistry is crazy.

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I was dying to answer my phone. I did not believe in love at first sight, but with him everything was different. For an Aquarius man, their time together in bed equals mental 3 dating questions. He always wants to be the main character in my life, so I make sure that I make him feel important and that I care about him.

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Our situations have been so similar over this time period, and we found each other single at the volunteer dating website time.

I have grown a lot, he has brought so many good thing into my life such as structure, organization, renewal of my humanitarian dreams, desire to succeed, etc.

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But at the same time we need to learn how to play mind games with them.