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Don't let it scare you because it can really take your skills to the next level if thats what you choose but there are many that get turned off by it as I did for several years because you don't get the tools you want or expect. Thank you for the detailed and easy to follow description of rule restorations.

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Maybe after I shake this pesky job, I'll have more time for the important stuff. It looks like a No. I then used double stick tape and put the rule on a wider piece of flat wood that I could use as a handle.

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I walked right in to that one. Send a private message to david-h. Send a private message to OldToolMan.

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Thanks Karl for the info. But quality rules tend to clean up very evenly as they were made flat to begin with.

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I prefer to date females! And even though I have gone thru all my catalogs regularly, I keep tool dating more and am often surprised by some feature or even tool that I missed.

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Roger Smith is well known for his studies of Stanley plane dates. It's a more modern tool!

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Vintage Starrett Tools Picked up a few things but still looking. What you describe is the trademark Starrett Logo.

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Starrett manufacturing is 'piece-work' and old and new parts were intermixed, sometimes for years! I love my Starrett tools but not sure if I want to actually date them: Now switch to a small piece of dating cape town gumtree same grit sandpaper, use finger pressure to rub out additional stains in the middle of the rule but keep it away from the edges unless you have a small local area that the first part couldn't get to.

As for dating the plane there are a few great sites but I dating scientists use http: I've collected a few older Starrett datings in the past couple of years and found two that didn't have the "Co.

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He also covers it in his online workshop, along with everything else handtool related. I think it might have been a dealer's counter catalog Regards No lock, No thimble, so in it's day I would say it was the economy model!

Dating Starrett tools is not now an exact science like Stanley planes. Expand all Collapse all.

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