M4a3e2 matchmaking Matchmaking

M4a3e2 matchmaking

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IMO, Jumbo 76 either 5. This values must not be the same. Jumbo ends in 6.

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It's kind of ridiculous. Whee 2 Posted May 26 - If not, no disappointment.

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I agree about the M4A2, which is pretty terrible against the armor of 5. I would say a 0.

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SO yeah it's overtiered, but by playing smart you can be exponentially efficient; It's on of those tanks that are "if you suck, it's appalling, if you're good, it's awesome" tanks. I didn't play E2, I opted for Easy 8.

I'm happier that way Posted December 12, While it MIGHT matchmaking somewhat of a chance against a T with decent ammo, it still likely won't fare to well, as it's not the most mobile thing either. Posted December 11, edited. But as it is If MM would just top-tier the thing as often as it puts Tier 5 at matchmaking, probably would've kept it.

JWcorsair 20 Posted May 26 - The matchmaker resolves battle tier on the basis of table below. Although not as powerfull as it was on the beginning its now very powerfull on its tier, and perfectly capable of dealing with anything it faces. It doesn't try to weigh the tank tiers in both teams. Anakarsis 5 Posted May 26 - Posted December 9, edited.

MM is made for making loads of money. They can not cram the entire M4 line into Br 4.

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You can't tier a tank like the jumbo just according to its gun. Houston dating service enough that it doesn't club things?

Posted January 12, I agree it makes it tough for the mid-tiers, we're getting stuck against very big matchmakings nowadays. If you'd drop the Jumbo down where it can penetrate its enemies easily, it would be completely OP with that armor.

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Hoss 17 Posted May 26 - It's an good tank, I had some fun games in it and my winrate wasn't horrible. Good when used properly, but one matchmaking sends you to the grave.

Search Advanced Search section: MM has finally made some sell a Sherman!?

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That means someone who has played 25k games starting a new account and being put in with noobs. I think this is one of the lousy things about the MM structure.

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I hope the game gets better soon in terms of MM. Its also has to do with player not really knowing how to play even at tier ten!.

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