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Edm dating app

The hardest thing is giving people the face time they deserve and also not spamming people who follow us with posts. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, we post five to six profiles of each.

In Orlando, we could hardly move for two hours due to all the pictures people wanted to take with us and the kandi they wanted to trade.

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I found one, but it only had or so datings, so right then and there we made the Single Ravers Instagram account. Before that, we had been talking about all these Instagram accounts with rave girls and boys, and I wondered if there were any pages featuring single people trying to find each other. Yes, right now I pay for everything. The only type of people I can see using this app is someone who is going to a festival and wants how to tell your parents youre dating someone online hook up with someone afterwords.


It really shows too. So I made a fake profile, found a girl who was hot but not unbelievably so, added some fake friends, liked a few mainstream EDM artists in order to maximize my matches, put some Marilyn Monroe and Fake Drake quotes in my profile and I was ready to go.

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They should just remove that part of the app altogether and have it just be an app for music lovers that matches you based on favorite artists.

We feature gay, lesbian and bisexual ravers all the time. The app matches you with people who will be at the same events as you and app similar favorite artists.

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It seems like people are downloading this app, making their profile, and then abandoning it after realizing what a joke it is.

Sign up for your own profile on SingleRavers.

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Psycho Circus Day 1 Oct 28, Do not write, stamp, or sign below this line. The site launched on October 3,and in 45 days already had more than 4, followers and close to submissions.

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While the service is currently run through SingleRavers. Hayley Maher Do not write, stamp, or sign below this line. October 11, by: We feature people from all over the country and world and want to continue to do that.

Psycho Circus Costumes Oct 25, September 10, by: What have you been doing since the site app We know you have a lot of questions about the site. And the rise in online dating makes sense: How did you get the idea? I used the app for a limassol dating site over a week, and I only got two matches, neither of which sent me a message.

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Find All Posts of This Month:. EDM events already have very social atmospheres where people freely mingle and socialize with new people based on common musical interests. My cynical spidey-sense is tingling! Do you fund this yourself? September 6, dating festival hookup mixd tinder Views.

Why should we need to preclude that interaction with a few awkward text messages beforehand?