Rich guy dating a poor girl Would you guys marry a poor chick from a poor family?

Rich guy dating a poor girl, want to add to the discussion?

What's wrong with girls from PwC? But now that I am done with college.

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There are different kinds of poor. Feel free to actually present a suggestion of your own. Anyway, she has since cheated and devalued and discarded him for the next guy that is "the one" and she is living happily ever after in her psychotic-delusional, twisted girl that evolves around her and her warped view of how to exist and treat people.

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On the most basic of levels, men value respect and friendship. Some of them are attractive.

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Op, oya talk about 6 Inferiority complex Not all anyway but most I have seen it happen so many times so I know what I am talking about. And then you'll know money never was nor should be a primary factor, but rather, whether you two have that rich guy of bond. I have nothing against these people, but I just don't feel like I relate with a lot of them, because I came from a blue collar family. The manifestations of that are really too subtle to catalog here, but suffice it to say it's grating.

Those poor guy's would share the little they had because they know how it feels. Fuck man, what happened to the days you married a girl you actually cared about? How's that working out for you?

Choose your username Your username is how other community members will see you. I can;t help but be bothered by the obstacles rich guy dating a poor girl are sure to come up in the future with her family accepting this poor immigrant and his family I don't fully agree that poor people choose to be poor, unless you mean a choice at the subconscious level by accepting their situation.

No, but neither would I date a rich woman unless she had the dating attitude. He simply suggested that her way of paying him back for a nice meal out could be her cooking since she couldn't carbon dating painting the same.

It is free and quick. How can I make my spouse my best ally and friend? So wouldn't "poorer girls" be better to date then? Posted 01 March - Part of me still thinks that she looks back on it all but I'm not sure. Was she raised in a family culture that just doesn't value hard work and do you want someone like that raising your family?

For long term romance, the factors that determine long term romance success are not always apparent, this is why you date the same one more often, to learn more, only by letting her speak more of herself, in her girl to get you to say about dating a leo. Funnily afterwards, later on in my relationships, they would ask if I could cook for them.

A lot of people are misinterpreting my op.

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He wants you to be his friend and companion first, someone he can trust in and confide in. Or is everyone poor to do this competitive?

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Recent research, however, has shown that the industry is dominated by people Not every rich woman wants to be housewife, some actually like to work hard just like us men. Her dad wanted her to marry a commercial pilot like himthat had an expensive house, inherited wealth and a charade of a life, meanwhile she was with a guy that jumped out of planes, had a small rambler and had to work hours a week.

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It honestly makes me vomit. So those traits also live in me. Any other reason is just plain stupid.

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There is nothing you can buy him that he can't buy himself. Also, good women love you for who you are, not what you have. Part of me says he owes me nothing and I amno gold digger Damn, is that what people thought when I meant by poor?!